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Apr 06, 2017

Why Cans?

An unstoppable trend with American craft brewers leading the way and UK/Europe following quickly behind.

Quality and Freshness

Cans protect the beer from harmful UV light.  As absolutely no light can penetrate, the beer retains optimum freshness.  The canning process also produces a completely air-tight container so there is no chance of the beer becoming oxidised.

Craft beer as fresh as the day it left the brewery.


Aluminium cans cool down much quicker than bottles when chill factor matters.

Practical and Environmentally friendly

Cans stack efficiently meaning no wasted fridge or storage space.  And the average beer can is made from around 50% recycled material.

Trendy, Eye Catching Printed Designs

Beer can labelling captures the spirit of the day and makes all the right statements about fun, quirkiness and hospitality.


The urban myth about beer from a can taking on a metallic flavour has long since dispelled.  Modern production techniques such as coating the aluminium with a water based polymer lining eliminate any possibility of contamination or unwanted flavours.

So there you have it – new exciting products in a new exciting format.